Masks of Nyarlathotep

EJ1 - Crown Casino Timeline


Friday (20th Dec 2012)

Elias Checked in

Saturday (21st Dec 2012)

9:15 3rd couple arrive with luggage
10am Elias emerges and leaves
2pm Businessman arrives
2pm Mr and Mrs Faith (3am walkers) left
2pm 3rd couple left
2:15 Mr and Mrs Wong (4am walkers) entered arguing then left again
3:15 Elias returns, then leaves again with a bag
6pm 3rd couple returned from dinner
6:05 Elias returns (without the bag) slumped and leaning (as if hurt) against the wall
8pm order room service – fried noodles 1 serve
8:30pm called room service – following up on order, changed to burger and fries
8:35pm Room services leaves food, Elias comes out to get it
9pm concierge wanted to connect someone through the phone (Alpha)
9pm businessman heard a loud argument (1109) went to Virgin Active
9:15 Elias called someone (mobile number)
10pm 3rd couple go to sleep

Sunday (22nd Dec 2012)

2am lights flicker some static on footage
3am The Faiths went past, nothing noticed
4am The Wongs went past, there was a smell from the room
8am body discovered by cleaners


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