Masks of Nyarlathotep

EJ2 - "Burn Book" Server Info

Roger Carlyle and his girlfriend died in 2010 in a plane crash in the Caribbean
Photos of Roger in 2012 in Japan
Matt Damon is developing a car park in QVM
Also developing in Docklands (wants to move the eaglehawk statue)
Owns the Templestowe Astronomy Club building for 3 years. 2 storey building. On second level there is a Chinese courier company called Yang Courier Services sell and send to China milk powder, health supplements etc. Owned by Jade Gate.
Believes Matt Damon is a Branch Master of the OTO in Melbourne, popularised by Alistair Crowley.
Sponsoring two expeditions to Aboriginal settlements: one near west side of NT (city?), the other near Uluru.
Photographed with African Woman called Windtalker
Alexander Parade is a member of the OTO, trying to create some shit with QVM parking development which would cause a problem so that Division 6 will be funded
Alexander, Matt and Windtalker were photographed at Templestowe Astronomy Club.
Locksley investigated cannibals
Elias was smoker on 8 cases
Division 6 tried to recruit him.

Started with Roger Carlyle
Then found Roger alive and talking to Windtalker in Japan
Then in London
Then in Cairo
Then at Astronomy Club with Matt
Matt then led him to Alexander

Found Windtalker’s name through e-mails from after reaching out to his global contacts
Warned Elias not to come to Cairo because of Windtalker


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