Masks of Nyarlathotep is one of the grand-daddies of Call of Cthulhu campaigns. A sandbox campaign with pieces scattered all around the globe, Masks gave investigators of the Roaring Twenties so much material and yet left plenty of room for imagination. Since it’s publication in 1984, it has caused innumerable investigator deaths and put twice as many into asylums around the world.
Delta Green is the brainchild of Adam Scott Glancy, Dennis Detwiller and John Scott Tynes. Catapulting madness inducing Lovecraftian horror into the modern world, these three evil masterminds wove conspiracies within conspiracies, schemes within schemes, culminating in the masterfully crafted setting that is beloved by so many CoC players. First published in 1997, Delta Green just had a very successful Kickstarter and released its first volley of offerings for the updated, standalone game, Delta Green. The Quick start ruleset – Need to Know is free. Keep in mind though, they often say that the first hit is free.

Hence the unholy birth of this campaign. Setting Masks in 2012, mashing it into a world that we live and breath in, with all its complexities and nuances, a world of iPhones, bitcoin and remote drone surveillance, a world deeply troubled by terrorism and constantly bombarded by reality shows and the Kardashians, a world connected by secret handshakes, LinkedIn connections and Instagram likes.

Welcome to a modern reboot of Masks of Nyarlathotep. Truth to be told: to call this a Masks of Nyarlathotep campaign as per the original is akin to calling an orange an apple. I have taken a lot of creative liberties to change details and things in the world – for one, we start in Melbourne, Australia, when Australia typically is one of the last places you visit.


Because we play in Melbourne. Period.

Oh and Pnakotus? What’s that?

Hope you enjoy this offering of horror. There will be madness. And there will be fun.


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