Libre de caelum siderum


Obtained: Templestowe Astronomy Club
Language: Latin


Excerpt from Chapter 2: Observations of the Suns by Altresian

… that the heavenly bodies move to a unheard ode. At nights when the world’s voice die low, I hear the sounds of tibia by unseen satyrs, yet the sounds are disastrous and filled of chaos. And how they dance!


He Who Fell, fell into Terra and crawled into her empty womb. The pain and shock killed many of Terra’s beloved children and darkness reigned. But for many years, the crawling chaos slept within Terra’s womb.


And he showed me the truths and the names that he was given, as though to convince me he was birth of Terra’s womb. His skin was black as an Œgyptian and he was called Nyarlat-hotep. But that was a name he took and was freely given and he liked it.

And he found the power of names and saw that we loved the stars and sun. And to this, with his love, he brought us a new sun, the sun that did not burn and scorch, but one that judge and spoke, and bring wisdom to those who saw him in his power. In Œgypt, they call him Aten.

In the Empire, we call him Sol Invictus.


He showed me what he did in Londinium. And in full power, my lord came to the men as the guardian of Edom. With chains of black fire and red fire, and from the crown of his head to the soles of his feet, he was studded with glaring eyes, at the sight of which I fell, prostrate in awe.

‘Behold,’ said my lord, ‘for I am Samael, he who takes the Soul away from Man.’

And the men were smote.

Deep to the south, where the land is strange and dry, my lord showed me his dreams. The men of the land attacked my lord with fire and light, and his beautiful form was burnt to a blind, hairless creature. Yet my lord commanded me, to gather the legions to Œgypt and from they he will guide us to this hostile land. And with the might of the Empire and our lord, we shall raise a new sun in this godless land, in the glory of his name:


Libre de caelum siderum

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