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Spontaneous combustion in Crown Melbourne Hotel!
Early on the morning of December 23rd, 2012, a body was found within a hotel room, severely burnt. Sources have indicate that the decease is Mr Elias Jackson, a tabloid journalist known for his dogged reports on the late Roger Carlyle and Ms Hypatia Masters. It was reported that there were no severe damage to the room and surrounding furniture, drawing suspicions that Mr Jackson had spontaneously combusted. The last reported case of SHC was the death of Mr Michael Faherty in Ireland

Police have indicated that this is still an active investigation and have refused to comment to The Scoops.

In America, they call them Delta Green. In Australia, it is Division 6. It is the blinkers over the public eyes about the unnatural. Its mission is to investigate, contain and conceal such breaches of normality in our world. Because the unnatural is real. The unnatural kills.

Australia had the fortune to be dealing will minor incursions and events. At least, that is what most people, even Division 6 agents know. Mostly handling fanatical cultists that are just a step down from blood sacrifices, or drugged up madmen claiming to hear voices from the stars, Division 6 has had a remarkably peaceful history from its inception since 1973.

Until now. Dreams are becoming restless, tempers are flaring for no reason, and the sun looks decidedly odd. Melbourne weather being what it is, has always been fickle. But something’s in the air. And it is not pleasant at all.




Dr Faust
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Mr Kristof Schnell
Dr Westley
Det. Evans (retired)
Mr Heyward Joblomie (retired)


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