Sacred Charge of the Marya


Obtained: Asim Muhammad Farooq’s Queen Victoria Market trunk.
Language: Coptic


Excerpt from the ‘Sacred Charge of the Marya’

And the young King said unto us:

The sins of Father are vast, but the Lord has spoke truth and wisdom to me. My eyes are now open. You have assembled here under the flag of my False name. You are all warriors of the truth for you have understood the depths to which my Father has Fallen. I am of the Living Image. But not of the One who shines on the brow of the Black Pharaoh, but the one of the Lord. And he has spoken.

Marya, my Young Warriors. Now that Ay has spoken, here lies your sacred charge.

This land is our home and we must protect it with flesh and blood from the One. This city that he built must be lost to those that seek it. These works that he made must not get to the hands of those that covert it. The One must be buried along with this Valley.

Its name must be forgotten.

The Lord has spoken thus to me and it will be a battle beyond your children’s children and their children. For the One is like poison and will seep out of the many cracks in the earth.

Hunt the One and his army. Protect our lands and home. Destroy all that the One has created.

That is your sacred charge, my Young Warriors.

- Book IV, Letters from Amarna.

Sacred Charge of the Marya

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