Sutra of Long Regret


Name: 长恨经 – Sutra of Long Regret/Sutra of Everlasting Sorrow
Obtained: Chan Kit Temple
Language: Traditional Chinese


This book consists of three parts. The first seems to be a mass printed prayer chapbook titled Sutra of Long Regret. The second seems to be a Latin chapter that seems much older. The third is an English section seemed to be taken from Aleister Crowley’s The Book of the Law. This patchwork manuscript is heavily annotated in Michael Wee’s spidery handwriting.


Part I: Sutra of Long Regret:

  • Elevates the status of Concubine Yang Guifei to the status of the true Daughter of the Son of Heaven and that is the descendent of the Yellow Emperor.
  • Child of ’He Who Descended From the Heavens"
  • Daughter of Heaven and Earth
  • Received the Heavenly Mandate of spreading the 天地曲 – the Symphony of Heaven and Earth.
  • Received the Heavenly Mandate to bring the Dreams of Paradise to Everyone.
  • Instructs followers to protect the 地乳池 – Pools of the Earth’s Milk, to treat such places as sacred.

Even the heaven and earth having an end; but the regret of our parting will never end.

长恨歌 – 白居易 – Song of Everlasting Regret – Bai Juyi

Sutra of Long Regret

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