Templestowe Astronomy Club





A stone masonic building that has been converted into the club house for an amateur Astronomy club. A steel stairs put into the side of the building leads upstairs to a Chinse start-up courier service called Yang’s Courier Services. The Astronomy club is enjoyed by members of the public, and is particularly family oriented.


The masonic temple was bought over by Matt Denholm and was donated to the Templestowe Astronomy Club. In addition to this generous donation, records indicated that Matt Denholm also donated a Roman telescope and some manuscript to the amateur astronomy club.

The Altresian Telescope

A great metal contraption that seem to be a cage yet with a seat within. Verdigris has built up on much of the artefact, but it is maintained and cared for daily. Closer inspection reveals that the telescope is frequently used too.

As the other investigators conducted an operation to distract many of the club members, a member of Taskforce Djanga entered the telescope and witnessed the Celestial Bodies. Via the Altresian Telescope, the investigator saw that there were masses beyond comprehension shifting about in the starfield, as thought the stars were just a layer of skin on these masses.



Templestowe Astronomy Club

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