Chan Kit Temple




One of the three sites for Yang’s Courier Services, Chan Kit Temple is a Taoist temple dedicated to the worship of the Goddess of Mercy, 观音,Guan Yin – also known as Kannon. Surveillance footage has indicated that a man named Michael Wee operates or owns Chan Kit Temple and is involved with the daily operations of Yang’s Courier Services stall located in the temple’s courtyard.


As part of the raids, the investigators confiscated two suspicious books, Sutra of Long Regret and the 金烏内伝, Kin-u-naiden and found a secret altar dedicated to two repugnant statues. One depicts a rather bloated and fleshy version of Guan Yin, and another, it rather distorted version of a meditating Buddha.


哪啦何仙, or the Immortal Na-la-her.


Chan Kit Temple

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