Name: 金烏内伝 – Kin-u-naiden
Obtained: Chan Kit Temple
Language: Traditional Japanese


This reedy thin book has seen much wear and tear but has been lovingly repaired and preserved.


*Describes in great detail the 天逆毎, Goddess Amanozako, also known as the 天狗神, Goddess of the Tengu.

  • Her birth was from the fiery breath and anger of the kami, Susanoo-no-Mikoto.
  • A being of great wisdom and power, Amanozako rivalled Susanoo in strength and could eat the Sun.
  • She manifests as a great black dog through the sky, and thus was named the 天狗、Sky Dog.
  • Associated with Sirius, the Dog Star

“Now,” said the Tengu, "you have only to wait here for awhile, with your eyes shut. Do not open them until you hear the voice of the Buddha preaching the Law. Then you can look. But when you see the appearance of the Buddha, you must not allow your devout feelings to influence you in any way;—you must not bow down, nor pray, nor utter any such exclamation.

Story of a Tengu


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